Currently Known Tax Scams Affecting Kansas Taxpayers

Every tax year, thieves come up with new ways to steal refunds and payments from honest taxpayers. Many Kansas taxpayers have contacted the Kansas Department of Revenue trying to verify many of these scams. The department is in constant contact with a coalition that includes the IRS, Federation of Tax Administration and other states to learn of new tax fraud scams.

Outlined below are tax scams that the department has identified. We will add to the list to as we learn of other scams.

If you receive a call and question the authenticity of it, feel threatened or question an action, please contact the Kansas Department of Revenue immediately.

  • The main tax customer service phone line (pre-collections) is 785-368-8222.
  • The main collections phone number is 785- 296-6121.
  • The phone number for tax liens, garnishments, bankruptcy, law firm collections is 785-296-6124, listen for the corresponding extension number.

Fraudulent telephone calls

  • Caller states that you owe taxes and threatens that you will be sued or arrested unless you pay.
  • May state that they have the police ready to come to your residence or work and arrest you.
  • Demands immediate payment by putting money on a cash card or ask for your bank account or credit card information.
  • The caller may state they are with the IRS or Kansas Department of Revenue and may have altered their caller ID to that of a valid customer service number for the agency.
  • In another version the caller may state that they are just calling to verify information on your return.
  • The caller may provide what they say is a Department of Revenue badge number and case number - both are fictitious.
  • The caller may say they have pictures of the taxpayer's front door and of law enforcement serving papers of imprisonment if they don't send payment right away.

Odd letter without a state of Kansas logo and phone number on it

  • The letter may not have the department’s official logo. All revenue department letters are identifiable with the Kansas logo of a banner showing Ad Astra Per Aspera arched over 34 stars above Kansas with the name of the department that is sending it beneath. There will always be contact numbers to those departments and sub-departments.
  • The letter may be on colored paper. The state does not send letters on pink, yellow or other colors. The department’s standard business letters are on white paper.
  • The letter may state that you owe taxes and you need to contact the phone number provided to avoid a lawsuit, arrest or seizure of assets.
  • The letter is designed to appear like it is from an official government agency.
  • The letter may have a fine print disclaimer at the bottom stating it is not affiliated with a government agency.


  • Asking you to confirm information so your return or a pending refund may be processed and provides a link to click on to provide information.
  • Asking for personal information or stating that you have a tax debt from a return, inheritance or lottery and provides a number to call.

Phishing Emails to Employers

  • Email to payroll or human resources department from an outside source that appears to be from a legitimate company executive requesting W-2 or other personal information of all employees.
  • Has valid name of company executive and is formatted to look like a valid company email.
  • The email may state that it is urgent or needed for a quick review.

What you need to know to protect yourself

If you have a tax debt, the Kansas Department of Revenue will send you a bill and may contact you by phone, in person or by a recorded message. The department will NEVER threaten you with the police or jail.

The department has standard procedures. If you receive a phone call, email or letter that does one of the actions listed below, be cautious, do not give out personal information and contact the department at one of the phone numbers listed at the top of this page.

  • The department will never ask you to provide payment by putting money on a cash card.
  • The department will never threaten to bring in the police to have you arrested for not paying. A tax warrant is not a warrant for arrest. The scam artist may tell you that with great urgency – do not believe them, hang up on them and call the Kansas Department of Revenue, or 911 if you feel personally threatened. We work in partnership with the local police, sheriff departments, KBI and state police.
  • The department will not demand that you pay your tax debt without giving you a complete explanation and detailed answers to questions you may have about the debt.
  • The department will not initiate contact by phone and ask for personal information to verify your tax return.

The Kansas Department of Revenue continues watch for telephone and mail scams that may harm Kansas taxpayers. If you have any questions about a call or letter you received about a state tax debt you can contact the Kansas Department of Revenue at one of the phone numbers listed above.