Make a Tax Payment

Please note: The Kansas Tax Payment Portal and Delinquent Tax Payment Portal are for Kansas tax payments only, and any payments made through either of these two portals do not relieve you of your tax return filing obligations. All required tax returns must still be filed by the due date with the Kansas Department of Revenue.

Kansas Department of Revenue Customer Service Center

  • The KDOR Customer Service Center is available to quickly and easily file your tax returns electronically for most business tax types.
  • When accessing the Kansas Department of Revenue’s Customer Service Center, please select the Register Now button in the top right-hand corner of the webpage or click Log In to access your accounts. Once you have logged in you will be able to make electronic payments, file your Kansas Sales Tax, Use, Withholding, Transient Guest, and many more Kansas business tax returns, plus be able to view your online activity in one system under the security of your own password.
  • The Customer Service Center is the only option currently available for filing your required business tax returns electronically, as opposed to the below Payment Portals which both only take tax payments. All Kansas tax returns must be filed, and any tax liability must be paid by the due date for each tax type that you or your business are registered for.

Kansas Tax Payment Portal

  • Use our new Kansas Tax Payment Portal to make one-time tax payments on any tax type, including but not limited to: Extension payments, Estimate payments, regular tax liability payments, license fees, and more! No future payments can be scheduled at this time please go to the Kansas Customer Service Center to schedule future quarterly payments.
  • This new payment portal offers the option to pay your taxes and fees by ACH debit free of charge, as well as the option to pay by credit card.
  • All transactions made through the KDOR Tax Payment Portal are payments ONLY and all required tax returns must still be filed. Business tax returns may be filed electronically through our Customer Service Center described above. Please read the help text carefully when using the portal to be sure you select the correct payment type.

Pay Delinquent Taxes

  • Use this payment portal to set up payment arrangements with the Kansas Department of Revenue to pay off your tax debt.
  • If you are a business owner and would like to make one payment for all past due periods or tax accounts at the same time, please use the Pay Delinquent Taxes portal.