Individuals making contributions to KPERS

The amount you contributed from your salary to Kansas Public Employees’ Retirement System (KPERS) is subject to Kansas Income Tax. Since the amount contributed is not subject to Federal Income Tax you will need to make a specific entry on your Kansas Income Tax Return. The entry will be on line A2 of Schedule S of the Kansas Income Tax Return. The amount entered will be the total amount you contributed to KPERS during the past calendar year. This amount can be found in Box #14 (identified as “KPER”) on your W-2.

Individuals affected are state employees, teachers, school district employees and other regular and special members of KPERS, regular and special members of the Kansas Police and Firemen’s Retirement System and members of the Justice and Judge Retirement System.

See the Schedule S Line-By-Line Instructions for line A2 in the Kansas Income Tax Booklet for more information, available on the Income Tax Forms page.