Frequently Asked Questions on Registration (License Plate)

Yes, If the United States is engaged in conflict the Kansas department of Revenue allows for a 7-day grace period from the date of return to Kansas. The form located at must be completed and brought to your local county treasurer’s office with your deployment orders that includes your date of return to original duty station. You must carry all this documentation with you during the grace period as well as have current liability insurance.

Questions concerning fees and taxes can be answered by the local county treasurer’s motor vehicle office where you reside or where the vehicle is garaged.

If you are going to renew in person, a renewal notice is not necessary. To renew the registration you will need to take the license plate number and proof of insurance for each vehicle being renewed with you to the county treasurer’s motor vehicle office. Some counties may require a photo id.

If you are going to renew by mail or via the Internet and did not receive a renewal notice, you can reprint your renewal from our website, or you can call the Division of Vehicles, Vehicle Services at 785-296-3621, press 2, and then press 1 for assistance. Information you will need before you call the Division of Vehicles: the owner's name(s), year, make, VIN and the license plate number for each vehicle needing to be renewed.

Current proof of insurance that covers the State of Kansas for each vehicle (original or copy) is required to be presented when a vehicle is registered or renewed. NOTE: If it is for a fleet or commercial vehicle a reference that the coverage is for fleet or commercial vehicles is required. If a trailer does not have its own coverage, the trailer will use the insurance of the vehicle that will be towing the trailer.

Proof of insurance needs to have all of the following:

  • the name of the insurance company;
  • the policy number;
  • name of the owner;
  • the effective and expiration date of the coverage;
  • Year, make and VIN for the vehicle.

If the vehicle is newly acquired and you are transferring the license plate from a vehicle you traded in or recently sold, you may use the proof of insurance from the vehicle which was traded in or recently sold. (Recently means within the last 30 days.)

To change your address for your registration, go to your local county treasurer’s motor vehicle office with your updated driver’s license, identification card or an official piece of mail (i.e. gas, electric, phone bill in your name with your new address) and your current proof of insurance for them to update your registration record(s).

A lien release provided by the lienholder showing the debt has been paid in full and the lien has been released is required. An original, faxed or e-mailed copy will be accepted.

The minimum requirements of a lien release are: date; lienholder name; vehicle identification number; one of the registered owner’s name; a statement the lien has been released or the lienholder has no interest in the vehicle; a notarized signature of the individual authorizing the release (Kansas lienholders only. Out-of-state lienholders do not need to notarize the release).

Lien releases with any erasures, whiteouts, alterations or mutilations will not be accepted.

You may visit your local county treasurer’s office or mail to:

Titles and Registration
P.O. Box 2505
Topeka, KS 66601-2505
Fax number: 785-296-2383

Yes (except military), you may renew registration via the internet through the division's website, You will need your PIN/access code number from your renewal notice and a credit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express) or electronic check/debit card to pay your property taxes and registration renewal fees. Your insurance company must be participating with the Kansas Division of Vehicles to verify insurance coverage.

IMPORTANT: If you did not receive a PIN/access code number on your renewal notice, if you do not have a way to make the payment electronically or if your insurance company is not participating, you will need to renew your registration by mail or in person at your local county treasurer's motor vehicle office.

You must complete a "Request for Access to Vehicle Records", Form TR/DL-302, and pay a fee of $10 (check or money order, NO CASH) payable to Division of Vehicles. See the form for mailing address and instructions.

To obtain a refund for your registration and property tax on autos and light trucks, take the license plate and registration receipt to the local county treasurer's motor vehicle office in the county in which the vehicle is registered and apply for a refund. You will need your Social Security or a Federal Employment Identification Number (FEIN) when applying for a refund. Refund will be issued from the date the license plate is received at the county office.

Refunds are issued for the following reasons:

  • When you dispose of a vehicle
  • Move out of state
  • Change your vehicle registration to a Commercial vehicle registration

For military exemption refunds, please go to the Kansas Board of Tax Appeals to file your claim.

Please contact your local county treasurer’s office if you have not received your new decal.

You will need a Certification of Disability for Disabled Parking Placard, Plate or Decal form TR-159, completed and signed by a Healing Arts Licensed Professional (doctor). See the form for complete instructions.

Kansas statute, KSA 8-1, 125, states that a permanently disabled individual may have one disabled plate OR decal and one disabled parking placard, or two disabled parking placards and NO disabled parking plate OR decal. Statutes do not allow for the issuance of two disabled parking plates OR decals or one disabled parking plate and a decal.

Please contact the Division of Vehicles at 785-296-3621, option 2, option 1.

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