Kansas Plate Replacement Information

The new standard plate background design.

Kansans chose the new plate design. The design features the Kansas Statehouse dome within a cutout of the state with a yellow, white, and blue gradient background. Paying tribute to our state motto, “Ad Astra per Aspera,” the phrase “To the Stars” is inscribed across the bottom of the design.

Beginning in January 2024, the Kansas Department of Revenue will start to replace all standard embossed license plates. The current embossed plates have significantly deteriorated. Embossed plates lose about 50% of their reflectivity after five years, making them difficult to read, especially at night, which poses a challenge for law enforcement.

Plate Replacement Frequently Asked Questions

The State of Kansas presented designs online for consideration. Kansans voted on the selected design.

The design must go through several stages of a preproduction process before it can be printed. A timeline is still to be determined.

Once the new design is available to Kansans, it will replace the current standard background starting with any embossed plates still needing to be replaced. The new background will be used for any new standard plate issuance.

The project is scheduled to begin in calendar year 2024. This will coincide with Kansas vehicle owners' normal registration renewal month who currently have embossed license plates. Affected Kansans will receive instructions about replacing their current plates at the appropriate time.

If you have a standard embossed plate that needs to be replaced, your renewal will be flagged. You will receive a temporary tag and a decal when you renew your registration. The temporary tag does not need to be affixed to the vehicle, instead, the temporary tag and registration with the decal should be kept inside the glovebox. Do not put the decal on the temporary plate. Within 30 days of processing the renewal, you will receive your permanent plate in the mail. When you receive your new license plate, you will put the decal issued to you on the new license plate.

Yes. You can renew online if a PIN is provided on the vehicle. You will be sent a temporary tag, and within 30 days of the County Treasurer’s Tag Office processing your renewal, your permanent plate will be mailed to you.

If your temporary plate is lost or damaged before you receive your permanent plate, you will need to contact your County Treasurer’s Tag Office to request a reprint of the temporary plate. If you are requesting a reprint due to damage, take your damaged temporary plate with you to the County Treasurer’s Tag Office.

If you have not received your new plate within 30 days, you must contact your County Treasurer’s Tag Office. It is essential that you keep your renewal receipt so you have proof of renewal if you do not receive your new plate within 30 days.

No. You will be issued a new license plate number due to changes in the alpha-numeric sequences used on license plates.

No. Only standard embossed plates will need to be replaced.

The plate will not be forwarded to your new address and will be returned to the Division of Vehicles. You will need to contact your County Treasurer’s Tag Office for assistance. Ensure that your address is up to date 90 days before renewal to prevent it from being sent to an incorrect address.

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