Opt In

All Kansas driver's license and vehicle registration records are now closed to the public. The Kansas Division of Vehicles closed the records on June 1, 2000, after Congress amended the Driver's Privacy Protection Act in Oct. 1999.

The original Driver's Privacy Protection Act of 1994 required states to give residents the option to close their records to the public - or OPT OUT. The deadline for states to implement the law was Sept. 13, 1997. When Kansas implemented its OPT OUT program in Jan. 1997, most Kansans chose to OPT OUT, or close their records.

Two years later, in Oct. 1999, Congress amended the law to require states to close all records by June 1, 2000, giving residents the option of keeping their records open - or OPT IN.

Even though the records are closed to the public, some people are still eligible under the Federal Driver's Privacy Protection Act to get the records. Examples of eligible parties include insurance agents, employers, courts and law enforcement. The records cannot be sold to marketing companies. Kansas law has not allowed records to be sold for marketing since 1984.

If you own a vehicle or have a Kansas driver's license or ID card and you want your records to be open, you may complete the OPT IN form (TR/DL 300).

Instead of filling out the attached form and sending it in, you may also request that your records be open to the public when you register or renew your vehicle and when you apply for or renew your driver's license or ID card. It's up to you.

One reason you may want to ask to open your record is to allow family members to get your record. If you prefer to release your records on a case-by-case basis rather than having them open to anybody, just fill out the consent form (TR-301) when the need arises.